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Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Expanse Season 4 Trailer and Release Date

One of the best sci-fi series still going is The Expanse.  The first three seasons were produced and aired on Syfy (yes, I still like the original name Sci Fi Channel. but change is inevitable).  After season 3, Syfy decided to drop the series.  Syfy did have an online partner in Amazon, which aired the seasons after a few months of their release on Syfy.  Well, Amazon decided to pick up the show for its Amazon Prime Video Series collections.  Season 4 of the Expanse is highly anticipated and the new trailer looks wonderful.  The release of the new series on Amazon is December 13, 2019.  Enjoy this new trailer and post your comments.

New Picard Trailer at SDCC

Picard, a new Star Trek series coming next year, had it newest teaser released at San Diego Comic Con.  The initial trailer was release back in May of this year, but this one shows familiar faces joining Picard for this new adventure.  Take a look and post comments.  I think this is a good beginning.