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Sunday, November 9, 2014

January Writing Workshop

One of the coolest things about creating stories and developing them into novels is understanding the process.  But even after you think it's ready, you need a good editor to hone your creation into a tightened story for the ready.

My editor at Carina Press is Rhonda Helms and she is fantastic.  She is a multi-published author with Simon & Schuster and Kensington Publishing, as well as an acquisitions/developmental editor for Carina Press. This January, she is offering a writing workshop focusing on plot and subplot creation.  The cost is only $50 and you can do the work at home.  If you're serious about developing stories and becoming a published author, I highly recommend this workshop. I'm going to attend, because I know there are always new and exciting ways to enhance your writing. Join me. We can do it together and share our experiences with bold new stories for readers everywhere.

Here is the information:

WRITING WORKSHOP NOTICE: *Plot: It's Not Just a Four-Letter Word* in January.

Plotting--amazing how this one word can strike fear or even hatred in the hearts of writers. Writing is supposed to be creative, right?

Well, the problem is that many writers have no idea how to go about making a novel happen. How do you know your idea is big enough for a full novel? How do you make sure you won't be stuck with a saggy middle? What's a good way to weave subplots appropriately in a story and give them a meaningful connection with the main plot?

I'm offering a month-long workshop designed to teach you how to craft a full plot for a novel, including character depth/development, plot twists, the dark moment/climax, and a satisfactory ending. We'll use Debra Dixon's principles in her book Goal, Motivation, and Conflict as a reference for the workshop (it's recommended you purchase this book before the workshop in case you need further study on the topic), as well as various unique tips and tricks I employ in my own writing.

This intense, hands-on workshop will run from Jan 6 to Jan 29, 2015. Here's the syllabus (lessons posted twice a week on Tuesdays/Thursdays, with homework):

Week 1: Intro to Rhonda's plotting methodology; creating your own plan of action
Week 2: Employing effective brainstorming techniques; refining your core idea and applying GMC to enrich character development
Week 3: Turning points/building your plot in manageable chunks; tips/tricks for plotting
Week 4: Weaving in subplot; final thoughts on plotting
The course will be held online. Questions and brainstorming during the workshop is highly encouraged. For maximum benefit, it's recommended you bring a new story idea to work with, though if you have a work in progress, you can use this workshop to enrich/enhance your current plot.

BIO: I'm a multi-published author with Simon & Schuster and Kensington Publishing. I'm also an acquisitions/developmental editor with Carina Press. I have a Bachelor's degree in English, Creative Writing, and a Master's degree in English Literature, plus I taught college composition for several years.

Cost for this workshop is $50. I accept paypal or check.

The registration deadline is the day before the workshop starts. Once registered, you'll be subscribed to the workshop loop prior to and for the duration of the class. No refunds if you fail to enroll yourself once you are offered the invitation.

Questions? Want to sign up? Please email me at
rhonda atrhondaedits.com, thanks!  

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