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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New updates about The Flash

Keeping up our favorite TV shows can be hard and I'm going to post some mid-season resets for everyone for some of my favorite shows.  There is some great news to announce about The Flash.  First, the long awaited appearance of Killer Frost (the dark side of Dr. Caitlyn Snow) is upon us.  In next week's episode, Barry and Cisco cross over to Earth 2 and encounter Caitlyn's other dimensional doppleganger.

Here is the preview:

Now for even bigger news.  Barry will make a trip to National City for a cross over event into an episode of Supergirl on CBS on March 28.  This crossover can be huge for all the DC TV series, but officially links Superman/Supergirl into the Flash/Arrow reality.  Personally, I can't wait for Hal Jordan to show up as Green Lantern (remember his disappearance was mentioned in The Flash when Barry did his initial test runs at Ferris Air's airstrip).

Here is the link to the news:

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