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Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 1 of Flash and Arrow 2016

The new year of fall TV shows for DC has begun! To kick it off was Flash.  When last we left the Scarlet Speedster, he had beaten Zoom, but lost his father in the process.  Wanting to have his family back, he traveled back into the past and stopped the Reverse Flash from killing his mom, thus creating a new reality where his parents are both alive.  However, other things have changed.  Joe, is foster father is a drunk cop who doesn't really know Barry at all, Cisco is a billionaire, Caitlyn a pediatric optometrist, Iris vaguely remembers him and Wally is the Flash.  All of this to make Barry happy.  Well, messing with time sucks.  It has been three months and now Barry is beginning to forget who he is.  He has to gather the team together, convince them of what has happened, help Wally defeat another speedster called the Rival, and figure out a way to stop him losing his memories.  Story short, he has to rely on the Reverse Flash (who Barry has had caged up all this time) to take him back into the past and go through with the murder of Barry's mom.  Problem is, the Reverse Flash is now reinserted into the timeline, knows what is going on and has made a few changes for Barry along the way.  First week woosh!

As for Arrow, everyone but Felicity has left to do something else, thus leaving Oliver, also Star City's new Mayor, the job of taking on bad guys as the Arrow alone.  As you can guess, it isn't working and Thea and Felicity try to convince Oliver he needs a new team.  Plus a new bad guy, Tobias Church, shows up and kidnaps Oliver a few of his staff.  Thea and the newly returned (former) Captain Lance, lead a rescue with the police.  They get Oliver out who then helps rescue the other people, but Church gets away.  All of this happens with the backdrop of the dedication of the monument to the Black Canary and Oliver's flashbacks to his time serving with the Russian Bratva.  Oliver finally agrees that he needs help and will begin to recruit members for a new team, including a new vigilante name Wild Dog, Oliver encountered at the beginning of the episode.  Not a bad start, but the story is very similar to previous seasons where Oliver must realize he can't do it all.  Good start and eager to see where then next episode leads.

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