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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Clone Wars Season 7 Confirmed

Surprising as it seems, Disney announced there will be a Season 7 of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon series. The announcement was made at the San Diego Comic Con panel this week.  Disney plans to air 12 new episodes on it new streaming service.

As excited as I am about this new season and return of some of my favorite characters, I still want to see the follow on to Star Wars: Rebels.  More importantly, the search for Ezra.  Who will partake in the journey with Ahsoka and Sabine?  The new series resistance is mostly focused on Poe Dameron and I don't believe we will see a real involvement with the Rebels characters, but I could be wrong in the long run.

Here is the link to some more info on the new season.  Hopefully it will tie up more of the loose ends left by Season 6.

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