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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2 review

Wow!  Terrific movie. I won't give too many spoilers, but here goes.  The Guardians get hired to kill a powerful inter-dimensional creature and protect sacred batteries belonging to the Sovereign, a race of beings that have tremendous disdain for most other cultures.  They manage to do it in style, with Drax taking the credit, but before they leave, Rocket steals some of the batteries.

Needless to say, it puts the Sovereign's vengeful fleet on their tail.  In their quest to escape, a passing ship blasts the fleet to oblivion.  Enter Ego (Kurt Russel) and his associate Mantis, who find the team's crash landed ship on a nearby planet.  Ego, is a Celestial and as it turns out, Star Lord's father.

While Peter, Drax, and Gamora go to Ego's planet to learn more about Peter's legacy, Rocket, Baby Groot and a now captured Nebula are assaulted by Yandu's men, who were hired by the Sovereign.  After capturing the team on the planet, Yandu refuses to turn them over to the Sovereign, resulting in a mutiny.

Meanwhile, Peter learns more of who his father really is and his appointed legacy, but there is a dark secret (isn't there always).

Yandu, Rocket, and the rest of the captured group escape and head to Ego's planet to rescue their friends.

The end battle is spectacular.  Big battle, lots of drama and a great scene (already shown in trailers) with Rocket and Baby Groot as they discuss how to activate the ultimate bomb to save everyone, or kill them in the process.

There is so much to talk about in this movie that I didn't include.  I honestly think it was slightly better than the first one.  The only detraction was the music in the first movie was better.  I have to give it that.  Drax, Rocket and Baby Groot have some total laugh out loud scenes.  I loved this movie and I wonder what the next movie (they said they'll be back) will be focused on.  Perhaps they will be in the Infinity War movie or another stand alone.  Can't wait to find out.

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