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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Gen Con 50

Wow!  Can you believe it?  The 50th year of GenCon, the worlds largest gaming convention is upon us.  I was regular attendee of this convention for almost 10 years starting in 1989.  It was fantastic.  I joined the RPGA (Role Playing Gamers Association) and advanced as a player and GM over the years.  Sadly, that group is gone now and I haven't been to the convention in several years.  When I regularly attended, it was still located in Milwaukee, WI and now has moved to the confines of Indianapolis, IN.

The 50th year for GenCon is a real testament to the world of table top, card, and role playing games.  The convention has sold out of badges.. I don't believe it ever did that and the convention estimates that 75,000 people will be in attendance.

There is so much going on at the convention.  I can't list it all, but there is a tremendous exhibit floor filled with the latest games vendors from around the globe, not to mention the Author Avenue housing new and experienced fantasy/sc-fi/horror authors ( I really want to be a part of that).  There is also a GenCon Writer's symposium where many of the best fantasy authors participate in panels and tutorials which offer tips and advice authors and storytellers.  This year's Author Guest of Honor is Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels that inspired the True Blood TV series.  This year's Industry Insider Guest of Honor is Margaret Weis.  Margaret authored or co-authored many of the Dragonlance novels, the Deathgate novels, and so many others.  I have gotten to know Margaret over the years and she has been an inspiration to me when it comes to writing.  She has her own company, Margaret Weis Productions, and you can find her at the convention at Booth 1425 on the main exhibit floor.  Be sure to stop by and check out the RPG game based on the Firefly TV series and her new book series, Dragon Corsairs, that is co-authored with Robert Krammes.  (Don't forget Tracy Hickman at booth 1549 as well...had to make the plug.  I so miss the Killer Breakfast.  Long live Tracy and Laura!)

There are so many games at the convention. Miniatures games galore, including Star Wars miniatures battles.  Some of these are huge fights.  Role playing games were my favorite.  One of my good friends, Scott Hala, is running several rounds of his adventure using the new 4th Edition Earthdawn  game, but FASA Games.  The game has really come around around a brief hiatus the adventure Scott has created is top notch.  I hear all the tables are sold out, but stop by the FASA booths (1929 & 2029) to get a look at the game, and what else they have developed.  

Replacing much of the what the RPGA had established is a new group, The Pathfinder Society.   This group has created a large and robust Role playing world for gamers to thrive.  I'm glad that so many role player gamers that thrived in RPGA found a good home with this group, plus many of the other RPG games at the convention.

I've done enough writing about it.  I need to go...I wish to this convention, but maybe next year.

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