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Friday, January 17, 2014

The Epherium Chronicles: Embrace

Prologue Excerpt

One of the many aspects of a great story is to have solid beginning.  Today, some publishers and readers frown on the use of prologues in novels.  I decided to put a prologue for my first novel to my science fiction space opera series, The Epherium Chronicles, because I needed the readers to understand two points.  The first was the trigger point for a nearly disastrous war with an alien species known as the Cilik'ti.  The second was to give them a brief mindset of what Earth was trying to do before the war and how in an instant, humanity lost its innocence.   Also, I need readers to understand there is a big gap between the events in the prologue and chapter 1.  When the main story begins, the war has been over for years and Earth is still not fully recovered.  A perfect environment for my protagonist, Captain James Hood.

I originally came up the idea for this series years ago and wrote a small short story called "Into the Black" in which I chronicled Earth's first encounter with an alien species.  The story walked through the entire sequence of events where the Apollo, a newly designed spaceship, is sent to investigate the loss of contact with our station on the surface of Pluto.  I changed some of the story over the years and had nearly forgotten about it until one summer afternoon about five years ago.  That day, I was helping my parents move to a new home.  To my surprise, I discovered a printed copy of the story I had stuffed into a box in their garage along with several of my old knick-knacks.  It got me thinking about writing again.  It was something I always wanted to do.  So I added a new walk in my life and this series is only the beginning of the journey.

I'll be posting more excerpts later in preparation for the March 3, 2014 release date, but I hope it gets you ready for what's to come.

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