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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Science Fiction Trivia Time

Every week I plan to post a new science fiction or fantasy trivia question.  If you don't see one from me, please just poke me because I may have gotten distracted.

Anyway, this week's question is:

The Klingon language, since its inception, has spawned its own dictionary, has been used widely in Star Trek movies and TV, and is now actively spoken at Star Trek (and even Klingon conventions or gatherings).  Who came up with the Klingon language concept and when?


  1. First--I've always thought Worf (is that right?) lol was so sexy LOL Is that odd? I have no clue to the answer to this question. I wonder if I can find someone who does.

  2. Adrianna, the correct answer is James "Scotty" Doohan. He came up with the concept in preparation for the first Star Trek movie. Mr. Doohan was an accomplished linguist. The initial concept was very crude and more structure and vocabulary were added later by other people.